How Ezyschooling Successfully Raised Funds, twice? Episode 2 - The Unheard Stories

Sep 24, 2023

Get set to uncover the remarkable factors propelling India into a bustling nucleus for trailblazing entrepreneurs, ushering in unparalleled conveniences such as simplifying school admissions for both parents and institutions through virtual processes. 👀

In our most recent episode, we rendezvous with Mr. Mayank Jain, one of the masterminds behind Ezyschooling - Schooling Made Easy - a revolutionary approach to effortless schooling! Join us as we plunge into the realm of education, the infusion of technology into education, commerce, and unprecedented profitability.

Throughout this exhilarating dialogue, we explore:
➡️ Mayank's strategy in managing prior investors while undergoing two funding rounds.
➡️ The untapped potential within the education industry.
➡️ The reverberations of the pandemic on his enterprise, along with his strategies to surmount these challenges.
➡️ Mayank's awe-inspiring journey and the invaluable lessons founders glean from his experiences.

Prepare to be spellbound by India's effervescent startup panorama, teeming with boundless prospects that await discovery!

Don't let this enthralling discourse elude you - Discover the link conversation below! 👇