Financial Forecasting and Valuations

Starting a business is hard, and business owners frequently have to overcome difficult obstacles in order to expand their enterprise. The largest obstacle for any start-up is handling its money; overcoming it will enable the business to follow its intended course. Most new businesses consider financial planning a few years after they are founded. However, they overlook how important it might be to plan ahead for the future and strategically approach their deals with the startup pitch deck. An investment is often chaotic in the early stages of a start-up, with the primary focus being on operating the business profitably. We are a startup presentation service provider that helps startups with start-up pitch decks to grow their business.

Steps in financial forecasting includes:

Understanding the business -Industry and competitive analysis together with company disclosures.

  • Step 1: Financial Model Map
    We'll get on the phone, learn about your company, and decide which tasks should come first in our sprint.
    Deliverables: A flowchart that illustrates the reasoning behind your financial model.
  • Step 2: Constructing the Model
    Our team will embark on a sprint to "code" the financial model's functionality into the spreadsheet.
    Deliverables: A functional financial modelling spreadsheet that incorporates the model map's functionality.
  • Step 3: Including KPIs and Projections
    We'll help you test your financial projections to see whether they pass investor muster.
    Deliverables: You will be able to speak with a financial analyst at the CFO level about your projections for income, costs, and fundraising.
  • Step 4: [Optional] Including Historical Costs
    We'll build functionality to import past KPIs and performance at the end of the month if your company is already making money.
    Deliverables: Custom KPI dashboards and historical data tracking functionality.